About me!

Oh, man where to start! Will this be a Humble Brag or an Origin Story??

I practice muay thai (thai boxing) and this summer I had a lot of free time to sit with my thoughts-- quarantine plus my high school science teacher self having the summer off? Hellllla creative energy waiting to pour over!

I had the idea in July 2020 "Hey! Muay thai peeps LOVE their pets and showing them off-- what if they could wear their pet on their shorts?" So, I started researching sewing and embroidery machines. I settled on the name "Strike-Eng Designs" to pay homage to my last name, Englert (ING- LURT). I started drawing up pets for digital portraits on my tablet until I could buy an embroidery machine.

August 8, 2020 , my Brother SE600 arrived CRISP in the box! I opened it immediately, realized I had no stabilizer, no program to digitize designs, and no understanding of how textures would appear differently in thread compared to the drawings I made on my tablet.

Cue weeks of struggle to understand digitizing, fill stitches, satin stitches, and fabric buckling-- OH MY! That, and waiting for supplies to arrive >.< I buckled down and made myself figure it out! I finally made a real "patch" the first day of September.... let me tell you, it was not pretty... but it was a start!

September 16, 2020 I started trying to sell patches (which are so cringe to look at now!) from my own website and my Instagram, SPECIFICALLY to the muay thai community. Funnily, friends-of-friends with pets were finding my page who did NOT practice muay thai and commissioned patches of their pets.

I took a step back in November, and REALLY looked at my page. I decided I was too narrow minded in my initial vision, and I evolved my brand to better suit what I actually do!

Humble brag warning: one of my customers said "OMG, this patch is PERFECT!" to which my corny-self replied "I think you meant PAWFECT", and thus, The Pawfect Patch was re-branded! I have met SO MANY like minded Pet Parents who absolutely fawn over their furbabies like I do over my cats, Moo and Maggie (you can see their cute faces in my example photos!)

I have absolutely fallen in love with patch making in the last 5 months. I keep exploring new materials I can customize and jotting down ideas for future patches.

I am totally open to experiment with designs, so don't be afraid to share them with me if you have a vision! You can check out my Instagram page @ThePawfectPatch to check out some of my accomplishments, and my utter failures. I can't escape my teacher instincts to show I make mistakes and help people grow, so you can witness my goofs as well!

If you're curious about a product, please don't be afraid to reach out!

Hali, Moo, and Maggie -- AKA Team: The Pawfect Patch

Spring 2021